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Party Venues

So, you have made a decision in regards to your son or daughter's birthday party this year. You have decided to break free and for the first time not have the party at your home. May we just say that you have made a very exciting decision because there are many great venues out there that will provide an amazing backdrop for the party. We encourage you to take your time with this search because you want everything to be perfect. We will be honest though, the options can be dizzying so be prepared. One thing you probably should find out right away is what your son or daughter is into. What do they love to spend hours doing? Do they like to put things together or are they more of an adventurous sort or maybe they just like to sit down and read books. Having this knowledge in your head will go a long way to helping you figure out what venue will be best. And we are here to help you with this search as much as we possibly can. So, read through this guide carefully before you start to look through the Reno area at venues. These are just some ideas, but between knowing what your child likes and knowing what is out there, we should be able to come up with a meeting of the minds and choose a venue that will provide a setting for an absolutely phenomenal birthday party.

So, again, we cannot stress enough that approaching your child and talking about what their favorite thing to do is essential. Then you can start to talk to them about the options that are out there and you might just spark something inside of them to say yes to a particular venue. For instance, do they like to be outside and enjoy nature and fresh air? If so, what about something unique like an apply orchard. Apply orchards are starting to cater to birthday parties and will allow a guest of honor and their friends to roam around the orchard while they harvest their very own goodie bag. Some orchards even offer bonus activities like a petting farm. Does your child love to build things? We realize that Legos are the big thing right now, but what about building a bear from scratch. There are venues that allow kids to choose and build everything from the outside including the skin, the stuffing and the accessories. And all of the guests will be able to do the same thing. Are they crafty? Then consider a location that allows the kids to make and paint their own pottery. There are also activities like bowling where they cater to kids with bumpers. This usually comes along with pizza, pop and party favors. In this same category, ice skating is another great possible choice.

What about tapping into their inner artist? There are art museums that offer special kids tours as well as time to paint. Some kids love nature so why not host the party at a nature center. This often includes a nature walk, a chance to plant your own seeds and other projects. Do they like cooking? Well, this could be their chance. Think about how much fun it would be if the kids could make their own pizza. And we could go on and on with the options. The main thing is this. You want to make sure that your party venue matches the interests of your guest of honor. So, don't rush into anything. Take your time and consider all of your options. This is a chance to create something very special that will make special memories for years to come.