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There are so many important details associated with planning a child's birthday party. There are the obvious parts of the plan like the food and the dessert. You also need to make sure all of the guests understand whether it is alright if they gifts or if this is a party for everyone just to enjoy each other's company. You need to find a professional children's photographer to make sure that all of the important moments are captured in a quality way. But one of the most important searches and hires by far is related to what kind of entertainment will be at the party. For our money, if you really want to take your son or daughter's birthday party to the next level, you just cannot beat a professional magician. Of course, we stress that you must find the right professional that will provide you with the exact services that you want. We certainly understand you wanting this to be perfect for your child so we have a plan on how to accomplish what you need to do. It all starts with some homework. This guide will help you locate potential professional magicians in the Reno area. And if you follow these steps to the letter, it will also help you focus in on the one candidate that will wow everyone at the birthday party.

So, what is your first task? Find some high quality candidates that you can evaluate. It never hurts to have choices and in fact it is the best mode of operation when you want to find the best of the best. So, take a few minutes to tap into the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “magicians in the Reno area.” This is a great start because it will provide you with a number of candidates all in one place. Start clicking on all of the links and evaluating each website of each magician. Read up on the services they perform and the kind of tricks they do and whether they are used to performing for children. Make a determination as to which candidate appears to provide quality service and write their name and contact information down. This is the beginning of a list that you will need later. Talk with your family, friends and coworkers to see if any of them has ever hired a children's magician or if they have ever been to a children's function where a magician performed. Was the act exceptional? If so, write their name down. You can also look on parenting websites to see who other parents might recommend. Once you have a nice list to work off of, call up each magician on your list and find out if they are free on the day of your birthday party. If they are, find a mutually agreed upon day and time that you can interview them about the possibility of hiring them for your event.

Have your questions ready to go. Get to know each candidate a little bit first. Then find out how many magic shows they perform per month. How long have they been a magician? This is very important. Do they have a passion for their craft? Do they specialize in a certain age group? If they are used to performing for 10 year olds but you want them for 5 year olds that could be a problem. How much will they cost you? How long will the show be? Do they carry liability insurance? The answer much be yes, accidents do happen you just never know. Do they need for you to provide anything? Can you see a video of a past performance? When you think you have found the right magician, ask for a written contract. Make sure you go over it line by line. If anything is not to your liking, bring it up now and get it changed. Once you are satisfied, it will be time to make your hire and get ready for the show.