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Bounce Houses

When it comes to a birthday party, everyone needs some excitement. And when we are talking about such a great event, it should be as exciting as one can possibly make it. Now, we realize that you could have just go with the traditional events, but we have something very special that we would like to recommend to you. Have you ever rented a professional bounce house? If you have not, you truly do not know what you are missing. And we mean for the adults as well as the kids. In fact, the kids love to see the adults dive right in and jump around and tumble right along with them. With a bounce house, there will be loads of entertainment for as long as you rent them and believe us when say that the kids never get tired of them. However, while this sounds like it is all peaches and cream, this search and hire does come with some words of warning. You need to find a quality professional provider because there are a lot of things that can go on with a bounce house that will make you very unhappy once it is setup at your location. Like with many things in this world, not all companies have the same high quality standards when it comes to taking care of their bounce houses. So, with this in mind, set your mind to doing some detective work around the Reno area. This guide will help you become Sherlock Holmes for this all important search and it will bring you to the doorstep of a bounce house that you can be proud of.

So, you might be wondering, where can you find bounce house providers. Well, there are a few places that we highly recommend. Your first search avenue should be to harness the power of the world wide web. You can do this by doing a Google search for “bounce houses in the Reno area.” We can assure you that you will almost immediately see a list of bounce house providers that you can start clicking on. Go almost immediately to each candidates portfolio page to take a look at the quality of the bounce houses that the provider supposedly provides and sets up. Now keep in mind that what you see online might not be reality and that is why you will want to pay a visit to any candidate that you are interested in and check out the units. Keep a running list of vendors that you are interested in checking out. Another potential source of information is to check with your family, friends and coworkers. Maybe someone that you know has rented a bounce house. When you have a list that you think is sufficient, start setting up some interviews. You want to make sure that the interview takes place at each candidates facility because you also want to physically check out the units that they setup at events.

There is some definite information that you need to dig into at each interview. Ask if the company is licensed. It may surprise you but there are many companies that do not go through the legalities of making sure this is the case. Remember, there are laws in place to protect you. So, make sure that the company is licensed or move onto your next candidate. Another issue that you need to check into that is to some degree related is about insurance. Again, many companies do not obtain insurance on their bounce houses because they think it is too expensive. Don't deal with a company that thinks this way. Any reputable provider will have insurance on all of their units. Do they update their inventory very often? Don't take this for granted, the last thing that you want to see at your event is an old worn out unit. Do they clean their units between uses? This is essential. Make sure that there is more then one employee that knows how to setup the bounce houses. This is also important just in case the person scheduled for your event gets sick or can't make it for some reason. Have the staff show you some of the bounce houses that they setup at events. Do you like the way the company representative treats you? This is very important because the customer should always be treated with great respect. Sit down and think about all of the candidates that you interviewed. Which one stands out? You have found your bounce house provider.